What’s an orangery roof?

Orangery is basically made up from hard brick pillars, stone bases, brick bases, glazed windows, corbel gutter and a lantern roof. They were built from the nobility of the world to house exotic fruits. Most of them also have under floor heating, stoves or shutters.


Technology is getting fast day by day. Now a day’s many news design of orangery are identified. The old designs are replaces by new ones. Historically an orangery was the building in the grounds which provides a classical architectural form.

Modern Orangery

The simplest account of orangery is a room with glazed lantern set into a flat roof. roofing Birmingham are basically originated from Italy and were modernized by various architectural developments from Holland. Orangeries are more expensive as compared to Conservatories due to their style, construction and style. The roof of an orangery is likely to be somehow glazed. However some people would expect an orangery roof in order to have a flat parameter and a glazed lantern in the center. The vertical sides of the flat roof are sometimes covered with roofing tiles, brick parapet or with decorative fascia. Most of the highly Orangeries are made up of timber.

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